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To all the Father Figures out there, Happy Father's Day!  And to all those remembering a Father, may your day be flooded with wonderful memories. 

A couple of the [C] Photography Dad's answered two questions about being a Father.

Here is what they had to say! Enjoy! -C

Special thanks to my clients who trust me to capture these special life moments!


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experiences and memories we have with our little ones. I just look forward to the things I know we have coming in the future."





answer because there are so many reasons!

Watching Sam and Ellie's curiosity go from being this tiny helpless baby to this adventurous no-fear explore.

Reading to them at night and getting hugs & kisses followed by I love you Daddy.

How you can do no wrong in their eyes right now.

Seeing me and their Mom in each of them."


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my daughter's individual personalities develop! They are so different and funny in their own special way. Getting to spend one on one time with each of my daughter's... Not just because I want to, but because they want to! It's the best feeling in the world!

It's not doing big things... It might be as simple as just taking a walk or going to the store."




can say or has written can ever prepare you for that feeling of love you have for your child. You can only feel it yourself."



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that our kids give us back!  Things can be frustrating at times but when they feed those hugs, snuggles and kisses back it's just awesome to be a dad."



of how much you love your children. It's cliche to say, but I really didn't understand ( even though I had an idea) until they were born and how I will do anything & everything for their safety & happiness.






by how genuinely sweet my girls are . . . They are so excited to see me when I get home from work every day, I get huge hugs daily and it instantly turns a bad day into a great day!

How fast they grow up and how quickly they learn... to walk, to talk, to read and write it is truly amazing! "


Mother to Daughter | Photography Design Houston Texas

My creative direction usually stems from a mixture of a client's story, passion and personality. A memory or a word that jumps out in conversation then begins to swirl into a creative storyboard of imagery and design.

It's a connection. A creative connection.
A client that grasps this connection is Jessica. I have grown with her family and entrepreneurial adventures the last 3 years. She trusts, encourages and promotes my creative vision, which makes my entrepreneurial and creative spirit thrive even more.

In light of Mother's Day, I asked Jessica to share what she would like her daughter Ellie to know.

Here are some behind-the-scene snaps from a recent branding shoot paired with her powerful message.  Enjoy! To all moms out there, Happy Mother's Year!


How to listen to that little voice inside because she has everything she needs for anything that she faces in life.

DSC_0206 copy.jpg

She's a powerhouse and if she can learn to channel it in the right way, she will achieve great things. She's adored, cherished and always has a safe place to come home to.

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To learn to be kind to herself and to others. To value her imperfections because what she hears inside will echo louder than any voice on the outside.

That I will do my best to set an example of grace, loving kindness and humility and whenever I mess up, I'll own up to it and make amends.

DSC_0517 copy.jpg

Most importantly I want her to know her worth. So that she'll measure every relationship, opportunity and action by how valued she believes herself to be.

Photography | Pet's, Paw's and Pacifier's

Babes, pups and a few whiskers have played an essential part of the creative process for [c] photography in 2016 and no complaining here! These furry friends are special and in some cases, the "first" born. I have photographed them and their parents, then to later capture them adjusting to the arrival of the "second" born.  :)

A fun way to kick-off 2017 is by saluting all the wagging tails that made a special appearance in their unique way. Enjoy and show them some warm fuzzies! 


More moments worth viewing :) 

Feature Friday | Photography Event | Santa~ C.H.E.S. Houston

OH WHAT FUN! Well, maybe not for everyone IN the photos. . . 

We used gifts as negotiations AND partitions. A few children became immediate gymnasts and parents became jungle gyms. All the joys of going to see Santa.

Enjoy a few of snaps from Breakfast with Santa Photo Session at Cathedral House Episcopal School. I wish I could share ALL! 

Per one of the parents , "It really does take a village (and more) to raise children." Big thanks to my little encouragers, elves, Mr. & Mrs. Santa and parents. You are rockstars!

Merry Christmas to all! Show 'em some love.

One Wild Year | Photography | Events

This little guy celebrated one wild year and someone patiently waited for crumbs of cake! So honored I was asked to capture Mason's big day and meet his best friend Gumbo "The Frenchie" ( who has his very own instagram)

 Check out these crazy cute party decorations and fun moments. Enjoy!

Little Grace And Her Dog Duke | An Aggie Family Photo Story

Oh my, where has the time gone? August already! 

Move over June Brides. This summer is all about the babies! A few furry friends share this excitement as long as they get a little lens time.:) 

Enjoy this Aggie Baby Story with Kory, Amanda, Grace and Duke!


That's a wrap! 

photography+lifestyle+pets+familybevibrant ©christiminter.com

A Park, Pups & One Amazing Couple | A Fur-Baby Photo Story

Most of us can relate to that furry friend becoming part of the family, right?  Here is a glimpse into the sweet photo story of Andrae, Erin, Sophie and Charley!  We posed ( well almost ), played, chased, jumped in the Louis V. and made the best of the summer heat. Hope you enjoy as much as I did! 






loves a good belly rub

snuggles on her own terms


chooses her friends wisely

gives good kisses

loves to play fetch



 Sophie is 13-years old, we got her when she was like 8 weeks old. We recently discovered and confirmed she has transitional cell carcinoma (TCC). For quality of life we decided to treat with medication and enjoy our special time with all that is Sophie! 

Charley is 4-years-old and a cuddle bug since he first came to live with us. He was dropped off at an emergency where a family member worked and brought us shortly thereafter.



snuggle bug

jelly belly 

 jealous if Sophie's getting more attention


momma's boy

doesn't understand the concept of fetch

puppy latte fanatic

escape artist



If he senses she's not feeling well, he gets very anxious and wants to sit by her.  He'll clean her ears and give her kisses and follow her wherever she goes.  I love that about him and I love that she allows it, because I know it means she loves him too.  

That's a wrap! 

Hospital to Home | Welcome Ellie

So much love in this family! Enjoy a glimpse into Ellie's first day in this world along with meeting her new older brother.

Love hearing about recommended products? Same here! THAT'S A WRAP (literally)! Scroll down for a featured find from Jessica.

THat's a wrap!  Feature favorite FIND:



"I love how easy it is to adjust and get just right, plus the beautiful fabrics are a huge perk." Jessica. Wife, Mother of Two, Business Owner

Rainy Day + Coffee + Bump Photo Story

These two were such a joy! We made the most of a rainy morning, and I think their love shines through the lens! Don't you? Congratulate Shaun & Lindsay as they prepare to warmly welcome a baby girl in August.

May Motivation + Imagery

We are wrapping up May and sailing into June! Mallory and Belle are getting ready for their NEW business debut. Buddy Building Blocks-COMING SOON.

Until then, here are a few snaps from our photo shoot together.

Show 'em some love!

End May Strong! She learns her next move from you.


The unknown with just a map and lens in hand.

This weeks feature is an early spring walk in New York

Take scroll stroll through early spring blooms in Central Park,  lunch & construction at Rockefeller, fuel-up at Argo Tea, Joe & The Juice, and hear a few song birds such as Shigemasa Nakano ( WSJ Article on Street singers)

Finally traveled over to try the famous KATZ'S Deli and was not disappointed in the dishes. Definitely allow enough time to wait in line! The Matzoh Ball Soup was delish & the Nova Lox will be my next-time taste.  Hungry yet? Also check out SEND A SALAMI TO YOUR BOY IN THE ARMY

NYC- A great place to get lost, find your center and connect with your creative self, again. -C

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Almost felt like it should be in a museum?!? I miss the simplicity but don't miss the dirty sticky.

iphone capture of the amazing show Fuerza Bruta. Photo is looking up as a water filled ceiling approaches. I was WISHING my Nikon was in hand. :) This show is out of this world.

iphone capture of the amazing show Fuerza Bruta. Photo is looking up as a water filled ceiling approaches. I was WISHING my Nikon was in hand. :) This show is out of this world.

Back story! This shot reminded me of Charles Ebbet's 1932 photograph : Men on Beam at Rockefeller. And this image just-so-happened to be taken at Rockefeller Center. Loved that.

Pictured: Shigemasa Nakano ( NY Tenor / Composer) @shigemusicW: shigemasaland.com

Pictured: Shigemasa Nakano ( NY Tenor / Composer) @shigemusicW: shigemasaland.com

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TWO LOVE | Life Photography

Two parents with two identical girls on the way! Lots of love and tutu's in this house. One parent is a Dance and Zumba Instructor. I will let you guess which one. ;)

Join me in praying for them as they prepare to be parents and welcome these lil' blessings.

And yes, your eyes are seeing correct, the babies shape resemble a heart. Double love! - C

Jesus, chocolate and coffee Momma Says Series

Mother and client Jennifer S. shares some great advice for all moms. Especially mother's of all boys!

Thank you Jennifer! You are a rock star momma and inspirational woman. Hope you all enjoy as much as I did. Join me in wishing her a Happy Mother's Day! - C

Being a mother to three boys takes a lot of Jesus, chocolate and coffee and/or wine (depending on the day!).

Each day brings a new set of challenges and joys. These precious little people do not come with instructions and there are no two just alike . . .

Some days, I feel like a total parent rock star and others like a complete failure.

No one can prepare you for how hard and exhausting it is, but . . .

I was also not prepared for how much LOVE one heart could experience. Each child has filled my heart in places I never knew existed. These precious souls make me stop and see the world in a whole new light.

What I would say to a new mommy of boys? Hold on tight and pack your sense of humor. They are wild, adventurous, dirty, curious, daring, did I mention dirty?

Your once nicely organized and decorated home will become a daily battle field for epic warrior scenes and they will build forts and hideouts in every place possible. You better think farts are funny too, or your life will be miserable.

However, in the mess of it all, they have also given me the most tender and magical moments I could ever imagine.

You never get this day again, so love them with all you've got.... and then go fall into bed and be prepared to do it all over again in a few hours:)