LIFESTYLE |Portraiture

Lifestyle shoots set out to specifically capture a personality, ambiance, passion or product. Christi is known for capturing candid moments with polish and a sophisticated eye. Taking that strait-forward portrait to another level. Christi’s style is all about capturing the real smile and personality within that portrait.


Clients often have personal milestone events that are just too special for the family photographer to capture (and want the family photographer in the photos too!). 

Commercial clients host events and having professional photography will make all the difference when communicating to their audience.

Perfectly crafted, branded, and web-ready imagery. An expert will bring both the personal and professional special events to life.


Quarterly Themed Photography, Artistic Direction & Partnership with Local Artists

Recent Events “Celebrate Your Beautiful” – Feb.2016 *If you have an idea for a future event you would like me to partner on, please let me know; we can join forces to make our clients shine like diamonds.


Please contact for more collection details and availability. Sessions are created individually and shot on-location whether in studio or outside. Studio rental rates available upon request.


The really cool part about having a photographer that is also a graphic designer with advertising experience is design services. Creating starts with the image and brand, and phase two of your personal or professional client photography session will really customize your image with added design or branding. Commercial and home decor are quoted per project.


Adding graphic design with artistic direction consulting results in:

Headers & Social Media Branding on top of your image will take your media to greater heights!

Wall Art & Decor Creative storyboards that go beyond a captured image – add favorite word, quote, or verse.

Marketing Collateral leave a lasting impression with imagery and lay down a printed item that reflects you.

Creative Memorabilia Print to fabric or other materials for home interiors and professional swag alike. The smallest gift, note or memory can be used in design to create art that celebrates, inspires & encompasses your vibrant story.

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