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Hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend!

I have the honor of working with many mom's for both professional and personal creative projects. I have the utmost respect for both moms, dads and parenting in general! Being a parent is the most selfless job on the planet. Today, I would like to highlight a few [C] Moms with photographs from recent documentary sessions. Enjoy and show these mamas some love! 

MAY 2018 A Mother's Love Social Campaign  | The winner receives a $125 gift card to the fabulous Hair By Saint Rose in Houston.  AND the winner is Cynthia S. ( pictured below) and here is what she had to say about what a Mother's Love is to her.  



"A love so deep you can feel it bursting out of your chest! Because you realize even more how important the influence is that you'll provide as a mother." -Cynthia

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