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My creative direction usually stems from a mixture of a client's story, passion and personality. A memory or a word that jumps out in conversation then begins to swirl into a creative storyboard of imagery and design.

It's a connection. A creative connection.
A client that grasps this connection is Jessica. I have grown with her family and entrepreneurial adventures the last 3 years. She trusts, encourages and promotes my creative vision, which makes my entrepreneurial and creative spirit thrive even more.

In light of Mother's Day, I asked Jessica to share what she would like her daughter Ellie to know.

Here are some behind-the-scene snaps from a recent branding shoot paired with her powerful message.  Enjoy! To all moms out there, Happy Mother's Year!


How to listen to that little voice inside because she has everything she needs for anything that she faces in life.

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She's a powerhouse and if she can learn to channel it in the right way, she will achieve great things. She's adored, cherished and always has a safe place to come home to.

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To learn to be kind to herself and to others. To value her imperfections because what she hears inside will echo louder than any voice on the outside.

That I will do my best to set an example of grace, loving kindness and humility and whenever I mess up, I'll own up to it and make amends.

DSC_0517 copy.jpg

Most importantly I want her to know her worth. So that she'll measure every relationship, opportunity and action by how valued she believes herself to be.

Chasing Case! | Family Photography | Feature

I challenge you to NOT smile with these photos. Seriously some of the best smiles and personalities. I love the honor of being their photographer!

 I thank Case ( AKA CHASE/FLASH :) for my cardio workout that day.  Oh and I hear a pet rock is a hot item for Christmas!

Here is a little session with Josh, Annie & Case. Enjoy and show them some love in comments below!

Lifestyle Photography | Twins | Austin Texas

For the very first time to the [C] Blog! Twins! I can officially sing  "It takes two to make a thing go right. It takes two to make it outta sight. Hit it!"

Meet Olivia and Noah. Oh, and an adorable pug named Lucy.

Show these sweet babes some love along with their amazing parents. - C

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Ahhhh . . .the FALL breeze will be here soon! 

For creative photo sessions, gifts and art for Christmas 2015. Let's get started. ( Help me, help you :) 

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