Celebrating 30 | Photo Shoot | Texas

I am so honored to know and document this beautiful lady at this special chapter in her life. The beginning of the 30’s. We sometimes skip over the 30’s and don’t document where and who we are at this time.  Discovering who we are and celebrating the process is important.  Seeing this come out in a photograph is truly one of my favorites things. JOIN me in wishing this Caitlin a Happy Birthday Week!


Interested in documenting a chapter of your journey? Even the in between milestones that lead us to the next journey? With a few details gathered we can collaborate to create the perfect session and products to look back and remember this time. 

Thankful | Happy Thankgiving | New Day Sunrise Photo

Happy Thanksgiving to all! Wishing you nothing but special moments and memories.


Photography | Pet's, Paw's and Pacifier's

Babes, pups and a few whiskers have played an essential part of the creative process for [c] photography in 2016 and no complaining here! These furry friends are special and in some cases, the "first" born. I have photographed them and their parents, then to later capture them adjusting to the arrival of the "second" born.  :)

A fun way to kick-off 2017 is by saluting all the wagging tails that made a special appearance in their unique way. Enjoy and show them some warm fuzzies! 


More moments worth viewing :) 

A Park, Pups & One Amazing Couple | A Fur-Baby Photo Story

Most of us can relate to that furry friend becoming part of the family, right?  Here is a glimpse into the sweet photo story of Andrae, Erin, Sophie and Charley!  We posed ( well almost ), played, chased, jumped in the Louis V. and made the best of the summer heat. Hope you enjoy as much as I did! 





loves a good belly rub

snuggles on her own terms


chooses her friends wisely

gives good kisses

loves to play fetch



 Sophie is 13-years old, we got her when she was like 8 weeks old. We recently discovered and confirmed she has transitional cell carcinoma (TCC). For quality of life we decided to treat with medication and enjoy our special time with all that is Sophie! 

Charley is 4-years-old and a cuddle bug since he first came to live with us. He was dropped off at an emergency where a family member worked and brought us shortly thereafter.



snuggle bug

jelly belly 

 jealous if Sophie's getting more attention


momma's boy

doesn't understand the concept of fetch

puppy latte fanatic

escape artist



If he senses she's not feeling well, he gets very anxious and wants to sit by her.  He'll clean her ears and give her kisses and follow her wherever she goes.  I love that about him and I love that she allows it, because I know it means she loves him too.  

That's a wrap! 

Rainy Day + Coffee + Bump Photo Story

These two were such a joy! We made the most of a rainy morning, and I think their love shines through the lens! Don't you? Congratulate Shaun & Lindsay as they prepare to warmly welcome a baby girl in August.


The unknown with just a map and lens in hand.

This weeks feature is an early spring walk in New York

Take scroll stroll through early spring blooms in Central Park,  lunch & construction at Rockefeller, fuel-up at Argo Tea, Joe & The Juice, and hear a few song birds such as Shigemasa Nakano ( WSJ Article on Street singers)

Finally traveled over to try the famous KATZ'S Deli and was not disappointed in the dishes. Definitely allow enough time to wait in line! The Matzoh Ball Soup was delish & the Nova Lox will be my next-time taste.  Hungry yet? Also check out SEND A SALAMI TO YOUR BOY IN THE ARMY

NYC- A great place to get lost, find your center and connect with your creative self, again. -C

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Almost felt like it should be in a museum?!? I miss the simplicity but don't miss the dirty sticky.

iphone capture of the amazing show  Fuerza Bruta.  Photo is looking up as a water filled ceiling approaches. I was WISHING my Nikon was in hand. :) This show is out of this world.

iphone capture of the amazing show Fuerza Bruta. Photo is looking up as a water filled ceiling approaches. I was WISHING my Nikon was in hand. :) This show is out of this world.

Back story! This shot reminded me of Charles Ebbet's 1932 photograph : Men on Beam at Rockefeller. And this image just-so-happened to be taken at Rockefeller Center. Loved that.

Pictured: Shigemasa Nakano ( NY Tenor / Composer) @shigemusicW:

Pictured: Shigemasa Nakano ( NY Tenor / Composer) @shigemusicW:

Featured prints for sale soon! Contact for print, decor and photo-design inquires.

CROSSed Paths + Perfect FIT | Engagement Photography | Galveston

We did not get the warm sunset we so desired, but who needs that when you have jumping, laughing and many special moments with these two. Cross Fit Companions for life~ Let's congratulate Richard & Caitlin on their upcoming marriage in 2017!

Chasing Case! | Family Photography | Feature

I challenge you to NOT smile with these photos. Seriously some of the best smiles and personalities. I love the honor of being their photographer!

 I thank Case ( AKA CHASE/FLASH :) for my cardio workout that day.  Oh and I hear a pet rock is a hot item for Christmas!

Here is a little session with Josh, Annie & Case. Enjoy and show them some love in comments below!

This Guy . . . | "Almost Senior " Session| Photography | Dallas Texas

Nothing but blue skies for this guy!

In the midst of photographing Dylan, creative adventures always unfold. Which is a photographer's dream!

The sprinkler photos below would have made a great video set to music! Us running around while I am directing, shooting and dodging water as the sun races us to set.

This will not be the last photos you will see of him . . .

 Show Mr. D some love! 


It is Monday and we all LOVE MONDAYS :)

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