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Happy Father's Day | Life + Family Photographer | Houston, Texas

To all the Father Figures out there, Happy Father's Day!  And to all those remembering a Father, may your day be flooded with wonderful memories. 

A couple of the [C] Photography Dad's answered two questions about being a Father.

Here is what they had to say! Enjoy! -C

Special thanks to my clients who trust me to capture these special life moments!


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experiences and memories we have with our little ones. I just look forward to the things I know we have coming in the future."





answer because there are so many reasons!

Watching Sam and Ellie's curiosity go from being this tiny helpless baby to this adventurous no-fear explore.

Reading to them at night and getting hugs & kisses followed by I love you Daddy.

How you can do no wrong in their eyes right now.

Seeing me and their Mom in each of them."


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my daughter's individual personalities develop! They are so different and funny in their own special way. Getting to spend one on one time with each of my daughter's... Not just because I want to, but because they want to! It's the best feeling in the world!

It's not doing big things... It might be as simple as just taking a walk or going to the store."




can say or has written can ever prepare you for that feeling of love you have for your child. You can only feel it yourself."



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that our kids give us back!  Things can be frustrating at times but when they feed those hugs, snuggles and kisses back it's just awesome to be a dad."



of how much you love your children. It's cliche to say, but I really didn't understand ( even though I had an idea) until they were born and how I will do anything & everything for their safety & happiness.






by how genuinely sweet my girls are . . . They are so excited to see me when I get home from work every day, I get huge hugs daily and it instantly turns a bad day into a great day!

How fast they grow up and how quickly they learn... to walk, to talk, to read and write it is truly amazing! "


Photography | Pet's, Paw's and Pacifier's

Babes, pups and a few whiskers have played an essential part of the creative process for [c] photography in 2016 and no complaining here! These furry friends are special and in some cases, the "first" born. I have photographed them and their parents, then to later capture them adjusting to the arrival of the "second" born.  :)

A fun way to kick-off 2017 is by saluting all the wagging tails that made a special appearance in their unique way. Enjoy and show them some warm fuzzies! 


More moments worth viewing :) 

[C]lient Spotlight | Food and Fitness

Winter has melted. Valentine hearts have flown out of the Jar and spring has arrived.

I don't know about you but the summer magazine's started filling my mailbox weeks ago "briefing" me on whats new in swimsuits. :/

How are your 2015 health resolutions looking ?

A client of mine and talented Personal Trainer, Lauren Hanks was so kind to share some of HER favorite insights to staying focused resolutions that seem so long ago.

STAY THE COURSE EVERYONE! Show Lauren some love.

YOUR first exercise: After the article, scrooooll ALL the way down to the very bottom to find one of Lauren's favorite recipe & Sign up for upcoming features ;) - C

photography © 2015 christiminter.com

photography © 2015 christiminter.com

I've been thinking a LOT about how to avoid the common pit-falls of over-eating, over-drinking, under-sleeping, under-exercising and on and on. How do we avoid feeling lousy, fattened up, unorganized, unaccomplished, undisciplined, sluggish, wishful and all those defeating things after the holidays and in amongst our regular fun lives?! I recently read a book that truly resonated with me. The Compound Effect. In this book, Darren Hardy talks about our daily routines and habits that sum up to the whole of who we are!


The magic is not in the complexity of the task; the magic is in the doing of simple things repeatedly and long enough to ignite the miracle of the Compound Effect. So, beware of neglecting the simple things that make the big things in your life possible. A daily routine built on good habits is the difference that separates the most successful amongst us from everyone else.

"Indulging in your bad habits doesn't seem to have negative effects at all in the moment."

It's the summation of those choices. So we can wake up and wonder how in the world we got to such an unhealthy place? Or we can wake up and be energetically charged for the day, ready to take ownership of all the small choices that positively impact our health. Every Day Counts. Make yourself proud!

 A few tips:

  • Drink half of your body weight in ounces EVERY DAY to ward off dehydration and false hunger pains.
  • For the week, aim for 80% super clean eating. ENJOY the rest!
  • Pick only the parties/events, occasions that mean the absolute most to you. Every other night, go to bed early. Adequate sleeps helps you make better decisions. 
  • Have a snack or small meal before attending a party so you don't go crazy on junk food. 
  • Replace the late evening glass of wine with a cup of high quality hot tea.
  • Stay ACTIVE! Do not neglect your workout routine. Go for a walk, jog, do body weight exercises in the driveway or hotel to keep your body in motion.
  • Set an alarm in the evening to shut everything down (phones, emails, facebook) and start relaxing for bed. When this alarm goes off, disconnect yourself from the chaos of the day or the anxiety of tomorrow.

***CHALLENGE: Pick one of these things you’ll focus on this week!

Please remember, if we do the simple thing repeatedly and create a positive and healthy daily routine, we'll be successful! ***Please visit and LIKE my page at  www.facebook.com/fitnessandfoodforyou***



compliments of Terry Givens at www.resetyourbody.com


One large head of kale cut very small (stems removed from end and center)

1 cup diced Cherry Tomatoes

¾ cup Dried Cranberries

¾ cup Pine Nuts OR Pumpkin Seeds ( whatever you prefer)

Sprinkle of Fleur de Sel or Sea Salt 


1 large juicy Lemon freshly squeezed

3 tablespoons Olive Oil

2 tablespoons Honey


Mix salad ingredients in large bowl. Mix dressing ingredients in medium bowl and mix well together. Add dressing to salad and toss.

All can be adapted to taste! If you like a more lemon flavor, use lemon infused olive oil or more fresh lemon juice. If you like sweeter, use more honey.

Perks of using kale (besides the incredible nutrition properties) is that it is hardy enough a leaf to be great left over! You can make a big batch of salad and have for two days. 


Bazaar!! | Erin Stewart | Harper's Bazaar Photography

BAZAAR!!! I spy a great article and photo posted!  Check out the [c] blog this week for this amazing chef and her picture book story. In the meantime, skip over to Harper's Bazaar for Erin O'Leary Stewart's featured article.#harpersbazaar #naturalfoodchef #passionbehindfood


Like a fine wine or good whiskey . . .

love gets better as time goes by. When paired with just the right match, it can taste sweeter, lighter and overall become better because of the other. With a love for God and each other, these two truly represent what it means to stick by someone and live out 1 Corinthians 13:4 "Love is patent, love is kind . . . "  Meet Cynthia and Brandon! I am proud to be a part of the wedding and to call Cynthia one of my oldest ( since Brownies ) and dearest friends. I had such a fun time capturing moments with them and I think a few others had fun also :)  

As we watch two solo cups become one, enjoy the C + B picture book story!  

Meet Ray Ray :) my assistant for the day! 

Meet Ray Ray :) my assistant for the day! 


Shore To Sea, You and Me

life + style photo experience with Christi | a love story

Screen Shot 2013-12-30 at 6.47.41 PM.png

A cowboy meets a dancing angel in Houston, Texas! From the shooting range to dates walking on the beach, these two found something special in each other and have decided to walk a lifelong journey together.  No matter how high the tide or rough the waves, they plan to lift each other up and grow together. A love story just washed up to the shore  . . .  Meet Mindi & Jeremy




"I didn't know if it was a real date."  He asked if I wanted to go to a shooting range.  It was a good choice because I was excited yet a little nervous, but it gave him the opportunity to teach and encourage me!  After the shooting range, we went to dinner and I remember thinking, "Ok, so if he pays for dinner then that means its a real date."  But he paid with a gift card!  I was thankful we didn't start "dating" right away because we were able to really get to know each other and establish a friendship first.  *It all happened quite perfectly.  Friendship, excitement, faith, love, forgiveness, and prayer are just some out of many ingredients that hold us together. 


On our first date, I was just surprised she said yes since she doesn't really like guns and I took her to the shooting range! Every time a gun fired she jumped and I thought she was going pull a neck muscle! What has ended up being a joke between us is that because I used a gift card at dinner, Mindi wasn't sure if it was really a date cause even though I paid, I used a gift card and she didn't think that counted as me paying...


The thing I love most about Jeremy is his loving spirit. He loves and protects me like it's his life purpose.  I also love his teachable spirit.  He is constantly growing and desires to be the great man God has called him to be. Jeremy brings my goofy and playful side out of me.  From the very beginning of our relationship I was %100 myself. He is a natural encourager. When I am down he lifts me up and always makes me feel better!  The miracle of a relationship is getting to know yourself better and what needs to be healed or cut out. 


I love Mind's easy going nature and worldly innocence. She brings out my leadership and playful sides! I live to lead, support, and encourage her in everything!



1. Take each day at a time, and try to enjoy the planning!  

2. Make lists so your brain doesn't go too crazy

3. Pre-marital counseling is a must!  Its extremely beneficial! 

DSC_7780 2.jpg

4. Most important thing at the end of the day is to continue to focus on your bond with each other, and the Christ-like (patient, kind, faithful, gentle) love you share with one another. 

5: Advice for the guy, you can never offer to help enough with Wedding planning and even if you don't have an opinion on something to do with the Wedding, you still have to have an opinion! Just make sure it's her's!

Congratulations Mindi & Jeremy and many blessings on January 25, 2014!