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A few two of my loves  - coffee + art  | CHRISTI | chirstiminter.com

A few two of my loves  - coffee + art  | CHRISTI | chirstiminter.com


Such A Blessing 

A mini shoot with Billy Schiel, Founder. Lead Roaster. Beverage Maven. Coffeeologist, Righteous Bros. Coffee 

Not only has he stirred up a passion for people and those roasty toasty beans, but tells a humbling story of how we got to where he is. I have a hunch you will be seeing a lot more of him, along with his coffee. I got to try a cup o' Righteous and have to admit. . . I drank it BLACK! This never happens! Check out his website www.righteousbroscoffee.com.

His story unfolds here.

What do you do?

I roast and sell specialty coffee under the name of Righteous Bros. Coffee. Other than that I swim with my 4 kiddos and love my gorgeous wife. I preach the Gospel of Grace in my local church, Veritas. 

What is your passion?

People are my passion. Coffee is a means to connect with more people.

How did you get here?

That's a great question! I can only explain it by God's Grace. He has gifted me with the ability to roast great coffee and connect it with people. It really is baffling!

Advice to business owners and entrepreneurs?

Don't let the fear of failure hold you back from pursuing opportunities. There is no such thing as failure when you're giving all you have to an endeavor. Learn to redefine "success".

Favorite cup of joe?

Righteous Bros. Bella Carmona Guatemala on a V60 pour over.

Favorite food with your cup of joe?

A block of Tejas Chocolate.

What is the latest and greatest with Righteous Bros.? 

We're looking forward to a strong Fall calendar of events and festivals. We're also stoked on our 12oz bottles of ready to drink NITRO Cold Brew. We look to get this into the specialty grocery store channels soon.

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Seize Opportunities! | Foto Friday Fun

You will never know the special moments and blessings you might come across if you don't seize opportunities presented to you! I am very excited to be a contributing photographer for the upcoming summer edition of Bungalow Magazine! A little photo recap from the shoots this week with designers and sisters Sarah Jawda and Saba Jawda ( dressed by Tootsies Houston ) as well as the fabulous Allie Fields  and we cannot forget little MINI LOVE <3- in the orange sweater)-her shoot is next :) 

photo copy.jpg

Delicious & Nutritious, Delivered! | Creative Journey

Latest project! People always ask me, "What do you do, exactly?"  Some think creatives play with Crayolas all day. Although that is SO fun, I thought I would I take you through a Cliff Notes version of  a creative journey. With a dash of design, a cup of photography and side of website styling: Take a look at the YUMMY company that just launched.

Houston Cater Tots is such a treat : www.houstoncatertots.com.

The client and I established initial content, goals, vision along with branding and went to the chopping board. :) Literally.  After establishing a color palette to dabble in, I headed over to the client's kitchen for the next ingredients; photography of products and image ambiance. With a few "tweaks", print materials, photos, headers, social media imagery and styled shopping cart site: Houston Cater Tot's brand is now ready to serve!  

Creative in motion



Photography of the products and packaging

Facebook Social Media Header Photography + Design

Facebook Social Media Header Photography + Design

Facebook Social Media Campaign Photography + Design

Facebook Social Media Campaign Photography + Design


Website Styling


On a lighter note!

I received the honor to work with DEFINE body & mind this month! Here are a few of the selections and the outtakes and designs for digital media:)

Show Marlene, Nancy and Shaun some love! 

DEFINE has amazing classes and ambiance you are sure to LOVE . . . and a few instructors too! Drop by any studio for fashion forward retail, featuring DYI ( pictured here)  and try a class! You will leave feeling rejuvenated and refreshed! Check out their schedule at www.definebody.com for upcoming workshops coming up featuring DEFINE foods with natural foods chef, Erin Stewart.

photography by christi @ DEFINE body &amp; mind

photography by christi @ DEFINE body & mind

Shore To Sea, You and Me

life + style photo experience with Christi | a love story

Screen Shot 2013-12-30 at 6.47.41 PM.png

A cowboy meets a dancing angel in Houston, Texas! From the shooting range to dates walking on the beach, these two found something special in each other and have decided to walk a lifelong journey together.  No matter how high the tide or rough the waves, they plan to lift each other up and grow together. A love story just washed up to the shore  . . .  Meet Mindi & Jeremy




"I didn't know if it was a real date."  He asked if I wanted to go to a shooting range.  It was a good choice because I was excited yet a little nervous, but it gave him the opportunity to teach and encourage me!  After the shooting range, we went to dinner and I remember thinking, "Ok, so if he pays for dinner then that means its a real date."  But he paid with a gift card!  I was thankful we didn't start "dating" right away because we were able to really get to know each other and establish a friendship first.  *It all happened quite perfectly.  Friendship, excitement, faith, love, forgiveness, and prayer are just some out of many ingredients that hold us together. 


On our first date, I was just surprised she said yes since she doesn't really like guns and I took her to the shooting range! Every time a gun fired she jumped and I thought she was going pull a neck muscle! What has ended up being a joke between us is that because I used a gift card at dinner, Mindi wasn't sure if it was really a date cause even though I paid, I used a gift card and she didn't think that counted as me paying...


The thing I love most about Jeremy is his loving spirit. He loves and protects me like it's his life purpose.  I also love his teachable spirit.  He is constantly growing and desires to be the great man God has called him to be. Jeremy brings my goofy and playful side out of me.  From the very beginning of our relationship I was %100 myself. He is a natural encourager. When I am down he lifts me up and always makes me feel better!  The miracle of a relationship is getting to know yourself better and what needs to be healed or cut out. 


I love Mind's easy going nature and worldly innocence. She brings out my leadership and playful sides! I live to lead, support, and encourage her in everything!



1. Take each day at a time, and try to enjoy the planning!  

2. Make lists so your brain doesn't go too crazy

3. Pre-marital counseling is a must!  Its extremely beneficial! 

DSC_7780 2.jpg

4. Most important thing at the end of the day is to continue to focus on your bond with each other, and the Christ-like (patient, kind, faithful, gentle) love you share with one another. 

5: Advice for the guy, you can never offer to help enough with Wedding planning and even if you don't have an opinion on something to do with the Wedding, you still have to have an opinion! Just make sure it's her's!

Congratulations Mindi & Jeremy and many blessings on January 25, 2014!