Celebrating 30 | Photo Shoot | Texas

I am so honored to know and document this beautiful lady at this special chapter in her life. The beginning of the 30’s. We sometimes skip over the 30’s and don’t document where and who we are at this time.  Discovering who we are and celebrating the process is important.  Seeing this come out in a photograph is truly one of my favorites things. JOIN me in wishing this Caitlin a Happy Birthday Week!


Interested in documenting a chapter of your journey? Even the in between milestones that lead us to the next journey? With a few details gathered we can collaborate to create the perfect session and products to look back and remember this time. 

One Year Of Marriage Celebrated in Suited Up Style! | Photography Feature

These two! Such a fun couple and the camera loves them.

Join me in congratulating Coby and Morgan on one year of marriage!

Oh, and a great date idea for all marrieds!

Get dressed and suited up in your wedding gear then go out and about. It could be another special date to remember years to come.

Psst..I know someone that could capture! 

That's a wrap!

Bungalow Magazine Featured! | Summer | Editorial Photographer

It is up, posted and shared! Oh happy Monday, Bungalow Summer Issue is up for you to read! I met some AMAZING and talented people on this project! Look for more photos on these individuals soon. Meanwhile, BIG thanks to Lesley Weaver for asking me to be a contributor and doing such a fabulous job laying out the issue. Check out the FULL Summer Edition of Bungalow Magazine!  - C

Shore To Sea, You and Me

life + style photo experience with Christi | a love story

Screen Shot 2013-12-30 at 6.47.41 PM.png

A cowboy meets a dancing angel in Houston, Texas! From the shooting range to dates walking on the beach, these two found something special in each other and have decided to walk a lifelong journey together.  No matter how high the tide or rough the waves, they plan to lift each other up and grow together. A love story just washed up to the shore  . . .  Meet Mindi & Jeremy




"I didn't know if it was a real date."  He asked if I wanted to go to a shooting range.  It was a good choice because I was excited yet a little nervous, but it gave him the opportunity to teach and encourage me!  After the shooting range, we went to dinner and I remember thinking, "Ok, so if he pays for dinner then that means its a real date."  But he paid with a gift card!  I was thankful we didn't start "dating" right away because we were able to really get to know each other and establish a friendship first.  *It all happened quite perfectly.  Friendship, excitement, faith, love, forgiveness, and prayer are just some out of many ingredients that hold us together. 


On our first date, I was just surprised she said yes since she doesn't really like guns and I took her to the shooting range! Every time a gun fired she jumped and I thought she was going pull a neck muscle! What has ended up being a joke between us is that because I used a gift card at dinner, Mindi wasn't sure if it was really a date cause even though I paid, I used a gift card and she didn't think that counted as me paying...


The thing I love most about Jeremy is his loving spirit. He loves and protects me like it's his life purpose.  I also love his teachable spirit.  He is constantly growing and desires to be the great man God has called him to be. Jeremy brings my goofy and playful side out of me.  From the very beginning of our relationship I was %100 myself. He is a natural encourager. When I am down he lifts me up and always makes me feel better!  The miracle of a relationship is getting to know yourself better and what needs to be healed or cut out. 


I love Mind's easy going nature and worldly innocence. She brings out my leadership and playful sides! I live to lead, support, and encourage her in everything!



1. Take each day at a time, and try to enjoy the planning!  

2. Make lists so your brain doesn't go too crazy

3. Pre-marital counseling is a must!  Its extremely beneficial! 

DSC_7780 2.jpg

4. Most important thing at the end of the day is to continue to focus on your bond with each other, and the Christ-like (patient, kind, faithful, gentle) love you share with one another. 

5: Advice for the guy, you can never offer to help enough with Wedding planning and even if you don't have an opinion on something to do with the Wedding, you still have to have an opinion! Just make sure it's her's!

Congratulations Mindi & Jeremy and many blessings on January 25, 2014!