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The unknown with just a map and lens in hand.

This weeks feature is an early spring walk in New York

Take scroll stroll through early spring blooms in Central Park,  lunch & construction at Rockefeller, fuel-up at Argo Tea, Joe & The Juice, and hear a few song birds such as Shigemasa Nakano ( WSJ Article on Street singers)

Finally traveled over to try the famous KATZ'S Deli and was not disappointed in the dishes. Definitely allow enough time to wait in line! The Matzoh Ball Soup was delish & the Nova Lox will be my next-time taste.  Hungry yet? Also check out SEND A SALAMI TO YOUR BOY IN THE ARMY

NYC- A great place to get lost, find your center and connect with your creative self, again. -C

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Almost felt like it should be in a museum?!? I miss the simplicity but don't miss the dirty sticky.

iphone capture of the amazing show  Fuerza Bruta.  Photo is looking up as a water filled ceiling approaches. I was WISHING my Nikon was in hand. :) This show is out of this world.

iphone capture of the amazing show Fuerza Bruta. Photo is looking up as a water filled ceiling approaches. I was WISHING my Nikon was in hand. :) This show is out of this world.

Back story! This shot reminded me of Charles Ebbet's 1932 photograph : Men on Beam at Rockefeller. And this image just-so-happened to be taken at Rockefeller Center. Loved that.

Pictured: Shigemasa Nakano ( NY Tenor / Composer) @shigemusicW:

Pictured: Shigemasa Nakano ( NY Tenor / Composer) @shigemusicW:

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Celebrating Beautiful

Highlights from the spring "Celebrate Your Beautiful" Session. It could not be a better day to celebrate life and this beautiful Aggie. Of course, her hat is maroon :)

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"Beauty is the opposite of perfection - it’s about confidence, charisma and character. Beauty attracts the eye but personality captures the heart. “- Kelli O



This Guy . . . | "Almost Senior " Session| Photography | Dallas Texas

Nothing but blue skies for this guy!

In the midst of photographing Dylan, creative adventures always unfold. Which is a photographer's dream!

The sprinkler photos below would have made a great video set to music! Us running around while I am directing, shooting and dodging water as the sun races us to set.

This will not be the last photos you will see of him . . .

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Bungalow Magazine | Photographer | Houston.Dallas

It's UP! It's UP!

Catch the Spring Bungalow Edition and more photos posting soon from the great indoor journey - Yours Truly - C

Grace In The Morning | Baby Photography

Meet Grace. 

Her name says it all! And at just the right moment, she graced us with her warmth and smile. Enjoy!

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Turn-up The Tranquility in your home

Is your closet looking like a messy filing cabinet? This conversation has  surfaced recently among friends, clients and colleagues. I asked Personal Organizer and Client of [C] photography & design, Lindsey Lichty to shed some light on the topic! Enjoy! - C


Step 1: Accept your mess. 

It's OKAY that you've let your house go unorganized. . . until now. Forgive yourself! You have a busy life and other things have taken priority. Never be ashamed to ask for help. I can't tell you how many times clients have turned to me and said, "This is the worst you've seen, right?" Actually, I've probably seen worse, much worse. "The first step is always acceptance, and the second step is change."

Step 2: Take charge, vow to change, and have an end-goal in mind

Most people don't like change. They keep their surroundings messy not because their house to be a wreck but because changing things up is overwhelming and maybe even frightening. Take a deep breath, gather some inspiration from sites like Pinterest, Real Simple, or Apartment Therapy, and then get to work!

Step 3: Give yourself 10 minutes. 

Once a day, once a week, once a month. Whatever you can make time for. Block it out on your calendar. If you miss it, reschedule but make it as important as working out, spending time with your kids, online shopping, date night, your favorite reality TV show, or checking Facebook. Carve out 10 minutes and see where that takes you. You might end up losing track of time and finally organizing that stack of papers growing on the kitchen counter for months The next week you may clean out your refrigerator, and then the next week, it's your pantry, and on and on. Remember, even the smallest tasks can give you a feeling of refreshment. Which leads us into Step #4. I hope you're still with me. 


Step 4: Start small. 

Attack the first pile of paper or messy drawer that you see and try to stay focused on that single area. Complete the small task at hand and worry about the bigger picture later. If you feel completely overwhelmed, hire a professional (that's me!).  A Professional Organizer can help you get started, create an action plan, and keep you on track. If you think you can start with your entire garage, good for you! But even in the garage, start small. My mantra is one thing at a time, and everything has a place. 

Step 5: Keep going and celebrate milestones! 

Your closet looks amazing! Step back and take it in. And then figure out the next room in your house that you want to conquer! The more you work at organizing, the more likely it will become part of your routine. It takes 21 days to form a new habit and everyone has to start at Day 1. 

Step 6: Repeat Steps 1 through 5 above. 

Lindsey Lichty is a Houston-based Professional Organizer. She helps her clients organize at home and at work, creating seamless, design-focused environments. She believes that less clutter ultimately means more peace of mind. She's been organizing for friends and family her whole life, and in 2013, she decided to parts ways with her career in Advertising/Marketing to pursue organizing full-time. Lindsey graduated from The University of Texas at Austin where she studied Business.When she's not organizing, Lindsey enjoys live music, art, film, exploring the Houston restaurant scene, traveling, spin class, and swimming. Receive your first hour of organizing FREE by mentioning this article! Facebook: Instagram:  Email:   

Phone: 281-734-3647

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Baby Love | Newborn Lifestyle Photographer

Just wow . . . the first wiggles and tiny breaths of life. It is just a miracle! Meet Samuel! He is just the sweetest thing. I received the honor of spending the first hours of his life with him AND his amazing parents at Texas Woman's Hospital of Houston. Here are a few photographs of this new baby adventure!

Had to end it with a smile! Thank you Jess, Rich & Sam for honoring me with capturing such a beautiful moment in life! Samuel is settling in at home and prepping for his next photo op!  I think he will work it out. Don't you?

Its Monday . . . time to Soul Shine! | desktop wallpaper

Hey, hey it's MONDAY! Which meeeeans everyone needs a little extra sparkle and maybe an extra coffee! Make someone's day with a cup of Joe and THIS great deal! ALL-in-one photo shoot with styling, makeup and hair! $150 per person - Sun. September 21st. from 4-7pm. Need a work profile photo or a social media image refresher?  Join us!  Contact Christi to sign up! 

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Shore To Sea, You and Me

life + style photo experience with Christi | a love story

Screen Shot 2013-12-30 at 6.47.41 PM.png

A cowboy meets a dancing angel in Houston, Texas! From the shooting range to dates walking on the beach, these two found something special in each other and have decided to walk a lifelong journey together.  No matter how high the tide or rough the waves, they plan to lift each other up and grow together. A love story just washed up to the shore  . . .  Meet Mindi & Jeremy




"I didn't know if it was a real date."  He asked if I wanted to go to a shooting range.  It was a good choice because I was excited yet a little nervous, but it gave him the opportunity to teach and encourage me!  After the shooting range, we went to dinner and I remember thinking, "Ok, so if he pays for dinner then that means its a real date."  But he paid with a gift card!  I was thankful we didn't start "dating" right away because we were able to really get to know each other and establish a friendship first.  *It all happened quite perfectly.  Friendship, excitement, faith, love, forgiveness, and prayer are just some out of many ingredients that hold us together. 


On our first date, I was just surprised she said yes since she doesn't really like guns and I took her to the shooting range! Every time a gun fired she jumped and I thought she was going pull a neck muscle! What has ended up being a joke between us is that because I used a gift card at dinner, Mindi wasn't sure if it was really a date cause even though I paid, I used a gift card and she didn't think that counted as me paying...


The thing I love most about Jeremy is his loving spirit. He loves and protects me like it's his life purpose.  I also love his teachable spirit.  He is constantly growing and desires to be the great man God has called him to be. Jeremy brings my goofy and playful side out of me.  From the very beginning of our relationship I was %100 myself. He is a natural encourager. When I am down he lifts me up and always makes me feel better!  The miracle of a relationship is getting to know yourself better and what needs to be healed or cut out. 


I love Mind's easy going nature and worldly innocence. She brings out my leadership and playful sides! I live to lead, support, and encourage her in everything!



1. Take each day at a time, and try to enjoy the planning!  

2. Make lists so your brain doesn't go too crazy

3. Pre-marital counseling is a must!  Its extremely beneficial! 

DSC_7780 2.jpg

4. Most important thing at the end of the day is to continue to focus on your bond with each other, and the Christ-like (patient, kind, faithful, gentle) love you share with one another. 

5: Advice for the guy, you can never offer to help enough with Wedding planning and even if you don't have an opinion on something to do with the Wedding, you still have to have an opinion! Just make sure it's her's!

Congratulations Mindi & Jeremy and many blessings on January 25, 2014!