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Fitness Photography | Beautiful Inside and Out

We are WORKING IT OUT on the [c] blog today! The true the meaning of beautiful inside and out.

Meet Lauren!  Her passion is guiding people to be the healthiest and strongest version of themselves. Look for her styled newsletter soon! In the meantime, contact Lauren, for more information! 

Photo + Design For Newsletter

On a lighter note!

I received the honor to work with DEFINE body & mind this month! Here are a few of the selections and the outtakes and designs for digital media:)

Show Marlene, Nancy and Shaun some love! 

DEFINE has amazing classes and ambiance you are sure to LOVE . . . and a few instructors too! Drop by any studio for fashion forward retail, featuring DYI ( pictured here)  and try a class! You will leave feeling rejuvenated and refreshed! Check out their schedule at for upcoming workshops coming up featuring DEFINE foods with natural foods chef, Erin Stewart.

photography by christi @ DEFINE body & mind

photography by christi @ DEFINE body & mind