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Rainy Day + Coffee + Bump Photo Story

These two were such a joy! We made the most of a rainy morning, and I think their love shines through the lens! Don't you? Congratulate Shaun & Lindsay as they prepare to warmly welcome a baby girl in August.

May Motivation + Imagery

We are wrapping up May and sailing into June! Mallory and Belle are getting ready for their NEW business debut. Buddy Building Blocks-COMING SOON.

Until then, here are a few snaps from our photo shoot together.

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End May Strong! She learns her next move from you.

TWO LOVE | Life Photography

Two parents with two identical girls on the way! Lots of love and tutu's in this house. One parent is a Dance and Zumba Instructor. I will let you guess which one. ;)

Join me in praying for them as they prepare to be parents and welcome these lil' blessings.

And yes, your eyes are seeing correct, the babies shape resemble a heart. Double love! - C


Images speak and so do the words of a mother. APRIL THROUGH MAY | view more [C] client quotes and imagery celebrating real life, wisdom, motherhood and more.

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Share with someone that you love Tag @C_images or C | FB

"I don't want my kids to look or be picture perfect. With kids there can be chaos, mess-ups, funny faces and crazy hair, but at the end of the day, LOTS OF LOVE. Love is what matters most." -Lyndsay B, [C] Client & Mother of three girls

"Being a Mommy does not come with an instruction manual or rule book. That would make parenting way too easy. The days are long and the nights offer little sleep, but every moment spent with my babies is better than the last. Being gifted with these wonderful little people has been my greatest joy." - Lacey C. [c] Client and mother of two


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CROSSed Paths + Perfect FIT | Engagement Photography | Galveston

We did not get the warm sunset we so desired, but who needs that when you have jumping, laughing and many special moments with these two. Cross Fit Companions for life~ Let's congratulate Richard & Caitlin on their upcoming marriage in 2017!

This Guy . . . | "Almost Senior " Session| Photography | Dallas Texas

Nothing but blue skies for this guy!

In the midst of photographing Dylan, creative adventures always unfold. Which is a photographer's dream!

The sprinkler photos below would have made a great video set to music! Us running around while I am directing, shooting and dodging water as the sun races us to set.

This will not be the last photos you will see of him . . .

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The Burgoyne Family | Family Lifestyle | Photography | Houston

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The Hazard Family | Lifestyle | Photography | Houston


Fall & Holiday Season is HERE

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HOLIDAY PHOTO SESSIONS  (contact for dates avail)

2015 Art Market Announcement Soon.

Lifestyle Photography | Twins | Austin Texas

For the very first time to the [C] Blog! Twins! I can officially sing  "It takes two to make a thing go right. It takes two to make it outta sight. Hit it!"

Meet Olivia and Noah. Oh, and an adorable pug named Lucy.

Show these sweet babes some love along with their amazing parents. - C

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Ahhhh . . .the FALL breeze will be here soon! 

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A Day At The Park! | Family Photography Feature

OH THIS FAMILY! A-DOR-A-BLE. If you can't tell we had a bit of fun :) This brother and sister melted my heart. Trust me, I smiled the entire time as will you! The weather could not have been better for a spring photo shoot in Houston.  Take a park bench break from your day and show THE ROMERO'S some love!

Enjoy! - C

Blooper Reel

Grace In The Morning | Baby Photography

Meet Grace. 

Her name says it all! And at just the right moment, she graced us with her warmth and smile. Enjoy!

Love what you see?

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Baby Love | Newborn Lifestyle Photographer

Just wow . . . the first wiggles and tiny breaths of life. It is just a miracle! Meet Samuel! He is just the sweetest thing. I received the honor of spending the first hours of his life with him AND his amazing parents at Texas Woman's Hospital of Houston. Here are a few photographs of this new baby adventure!

Had to end it with a smile! Thank you Jess, Rich & Sam for honoring me with capturing such a beautiful moment in life! Samuel is settling in at home and prepping for his next photo op!  I think he will work it out. Don't you?

Sneak Preview | Goggles to Glamour!

A picture book story is hitting the [C] blog soon~

Hello world, meet Kristin!


With a pair of heels, goggles and possibly a helmet in tow, this girl travels with some mad skills and determination! :)



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