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But first . . . we celebrate the art of a good sense of humor in life.


Breakfast With Santa | Photography Journal |Event | Houston

This is #whereimagesspeak :) and these images say plenty!

A Merry Christmas to all and thank you for shopping small this in 2017! By doing so you empower small businesses to partner and give back to the community. Sit back, grab some cocoa and enjoy a glimpse into my special time at Breakfast with Santa.

I had to share just about all of them :) As you scroll please hum "It's The Most Wonderful Time of The Year!"

** disclaimer, nobody was hurt during this process :) It is amazing how quickly donuts cure crying.

DSC_7692 _CHES2017_christiminter.jpg
DSC_7484 _CHES2017_christiminter.jpg
DSC_7899 _CHES2017_christiminter.jpg

That's a wrap! Merry Christmas!

Photography | Pet's, Paw's and Pacifier's

Babes, pups and a few whiskers have played an essential part of the creative process for [c] photography in 2016 and no complaining here! These furry friends are special and in some cases, the "first" born. I have photographed them and their parents, then to later capture them adjusting to the arrival of the "second" born.  :)

A fun way to kick-off 2017 is by saluting all the wagging tails that made a special appearance in their unique way. Enjoy and show them some warm fuzzies! 


More moments worth viewing :) 

Feature Friday | Photography Event | Santa~ C.H.E.S. Houston

OH WHAT FUN! Well, maybe not for everyone IN the photos. . . 

We used gifts as negotiations AND partitions. A few children became immediate gymnasts and parents became jungle gyms. All the joys of going to see Santa.

Enjoy a few of snaps from Breakfast with Santa Photo Session at Cathedral House Episcopal School. I wish I could share ALL! 

Per one of the parents , "It really does take a village (and more) to raise children." Big thanks to my little encouragers, elves, Mr. & Mrs. Santa and parents. You are rockstars!

Merry Christmas to all! Show 'em some love.

May Motivation + Imagery

We are wrapping up May and sailing into June! Mallory and Belle are getting ready for their NEW business debut. Buddy Building Blocks-COMING SOON.

Until then, here are a few snaps from our photo shoot together.

Show 'em some love!

End May Strong! She learns her next move from you.


Images speak and so do the words of a mother. APRIL THROUGH MAY | view more [C] client quotes and imagery celebrating real life, wisdom, motherhood and more.

Share with someone that you love  Tag @C_images  or  C | FB
Share with someone that you love Tag @C_images or C | FB

"I don't want my kids to look or be picture perfect. With kids there can be chaos, mess-ups, funny faces and crazy hair, but at the end of the day, LOTS OF LOVE. Love is what matters most." -Lyndsay B, [C] Client & Mother of three girls

"Being a Mommy does not come with an instruction manual or rule book. That would make parenting way too easy. The days are long and the nights offer little sleep, but every moment spent with my babies is better than the last. Being gifted with these wonderful little people has been my greatest joy." - Lacey C. [c] Client and mother of two


Mother's Day gift IDEAS |

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Celebrating Beautiful

Highlights from the spring "Celebrate Your Beautiful" Session. It could not be a better day to celebrate life and this beautiful Aggie. Of course, her hat is maroon :)

Show her some love!

"Beauty is the opposite of perfection - it’s about confidence, charisma and character. Beauty attracts the eye but personality captures the heart. “- Kelli O



CROSSed Paths + Perfect FIT | Engagement Photography | Galveston

We did not get the warm sunset we so desired, but who needs that when you have jumping, laughing and many special moments with these two. Cross Fit Companions for life~ Let's congratulate Richard & Caitlin on their upcoming marriage in 2017!

This Guy . . . | "Almost Senior " Session| Photography | Dallas Texas

Nothing but blue skies for this guy!

In the midst of photographing Dylan, creative adventures always unfold. Which is a photographer's dream!

The sprinkler photos below would have made a great video set to music! Us running around while I am directing, shooting and dodging water as the sun races us to set.

This will not be the last photos you will see of him . . .

 Show Mr. D some love! 

Grace In The Morning | Baby Photography

Meet Grace. 

Her name says it all! And at just the right moment, she graced us with her warmth and smile. Enjoy!

Love what you see?

Let [C] know by leaving comments & hearts!

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Let it Go! | Motivation MONDAY |

I know, I know . . . now you have the song in your head! The first of the week is typically labeled with dread and seriousness for most. Poor Monday has never had a chance following Sunday. A wise one once told me to treat yourself on a Monday!  Wear that favorite scarf or outfit! Grab a coffee with an extra pump of syrup. Do something for someone else!  Whatever you do enjoy where and who you are in life.

In the midst of a family portrait session recently, I began to channel the little girl sense of humor and dreamy imagination side of myself in hopes to get two little girls to smile and be themselves naturally  in front of the crazy blonde with the camera. In that spiral, I started singing  "Let it Go" from Frozen and as a typical "NOT MOM" I did not know the words, but I tried with a passion!  It got me thinking . . . and them smiling:)

As an adult ( I just heard a huge sigh!? ) every day I battle entertaining stress and dressing up as Sophisticated Serious Barbie.  A splash of sophistication and serious is NEVER a bad thing. However, I find no matter how many outfits I try on to make up who I long to be . . . at the end of day, true colors and the "real me" outfit looks and feels the best. The simplicity of sticking to my true self, trusting my intuition and skill set always gets the best creative results. Also attracting the very people and projects I want to be surrounded by. Working for advertising agencies and now as business owner, dressing the part takes on an entire NEW meaning. I have to be true to myself, clients and projects  Pulling out the best visual, story, or design! 

Elegance is the only beauty that never fades. -Audrey Hepburn
Sweet Lola! Her shoot posted soon on the [C] Blog :) 

Sweet Lola! Her shoot posted soon on the [C] Blog :) 

After the session, I began reminiscing with the little girls mother  ( who I have known since high school ) and I walked away with a feeling of giddiness, excitement and relaxation all together. Was is it the photos? The creative silly fun with the little girls? No, ( although fun ). Was it the weather or my outfit?  No, I realized ( afterwards in the mirror) I had a sweat-stache, covered with grass and no makeup.

Yet, I walked away smiling with a light heart and refreshed!! The feeling you get when you walk away from a really good "I DID IT" moment, or a really fun date with great conversation.  I "LET GO" and embraced a REAL Barbie. In my life her name is Lucy. This is the nickname I've inherited over the years "Lucy" AKA Lucille Ball. This version of me is the little girl, the comedian, the silly yet sophisticated "real me" so-to-speak. Some make fun of Lucy's. They can appear as a scattered left brain that is unplanned or silly. In reality, that is not the case! 

The beauty of a woman is seen in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides.- Audrey Hepburn

I have grown to appreciate the Lucy version of myself that makes life waaaay more enjoyable. As children we begin our journey with an innocent view. Not just of the world, but of ourselves! That childlike demeanor is a gift. So why do we fight that persona? Why do we spend long hours trying to be what we "think" we should be by someone else's standards or even our own?

I would choose the Silly Sophisticated Lucy any day. Oh wait, God already granted me that! I I have to remember that each day of my adult life to be true to her and God's design.  So today I encourage you to be REAL, keep it REAL and merely just add a scarf to the ensemble that is YOU! 

What do ya know . . . two my favorite comedians singing the VERY song that inspired this blog post! They did not know the words either and rocked it.

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simplicity & smiles in the city

Simplicity In the City.jpg

Family Life + Style Photo Experience | with Christi 

A cool and sunny Houston morning with great company, it doesn't get better than this.  The word JOY comes to mind while describing this family. Meet Brian, Candace, Graham and Bennett. Enjoy their picture book story!

Graham all of 2 years old, and when not pretending he is a puppy, he is exploring his love for dinosaurs. Mr. Bennett, age 4, is a soccer enthusiast and art lover.

Brian and Candace met in Chicago and have been married for 9 years. Love at first site it was!  Although they have lived many places in the last 5 years, they are hanging their hats in Houston!

DSC_6656 copy.jpg

Candace, AKA "superwoman" just might have a cape stashed in her on-the-go stylish tote. Candace is a stay-at -home mom and former marketer. With her down-to-earth and fun personality, she experiences life by day and types by night at

Check out her site and read first-hand experiences on how to live well with your children in tow. Learn about tips, places to go and brands you love! 

Spending the morning with this group was nothing short of a blessing and reminded me of the simplicity of being children, unplugging and that playing can be the most fun! -Christi