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May Motivation + Imagery

We are wrapping up May and sailing into June! Mallory and Belle are getting ready for their NEW business debut. Buddy Building Blocks-COMING SOON.

Until then, here are a few snaps from our photo shoot together.

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End May Strong! She learns her next move from you.

Rise & SHINE | Give Unique! | Custom Prints & Canvases!

Rise and SHINE! Although some of us are still in summer mode, the signs of the holiday season are appearing slowly. Instead of the mad dash or the catch-all gift bucket at the store. THINK UNIQUE! Don't have a lot of time? Your personal creative consultant is here to help! [C] Photography and Design has a lot of new ideas for 2014 gifts that will impact "forever". :)

Custom photo prints, canvases and more by yours truly FOR SALE! Why buy something general for someone unique in your life - C

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Fitness Photography | Beautiful Inside and Out

We are WORKING IT OUT on the [c] blog today! The true the meaning of beautiful inside and out.

Meet Lauren!  Her passion is guiding people to be the healthiest and strongest version of themselves. Look for her styled newsletter soon! In the meantime, contact Lauren, for more information! 

Photo + Design For Newsletter

Delicious & Nutritious, Delivered! | Creative Journey

Latest project! People always ask me, "What do you do, exactly?"  Some think creatives play with Crayolas all day. Although that is SO fun, I thought I would I take you through a Cliff Notes version of  a creative journey. With a dash of design, a cup of photography and side of website styling: Take a look at the YUMMY company that just launched.

Houston Cater Tots is such a treat :

The client and I established initial content, goals, vision along with branding and went to the chopping board. :) Literally.  After establishing a color palette to dabble in, I headed over to the client's kitchen for the next ingredients; photography of products and image ambiance. With a few "tweaks", print materials, photos, headers, social media imagery and styled shopping cart site: Houston Cater Tot's brand is now ready to serve!  

Creative in motion



Photography of the products and packaging

Facebook Social Media Header Photography + Design

Facebook Social Media Header Photography + Design

Facebook Social Media Campaign Photography + Design

Facebook Social Media Campaign Photography + Design


Website Styling