Creative From Special Memories

Remembering a favorite moment in time, captured in an old photograph or maybe you just want a professional photo of you or a fun way to spend time with a mother figure/sibling.

Let's collaborate and create.

Choose from a unique, relaxing and fun photo shoot experience and /or collaborating with Christi to create something unique from those memories.  Working with professional photographer and designer Christi, you will gift something original that sparks and preserves a special memory.


your name will automatically BE entered to win a $125 salon gift card from the fabulous Hair BY Saint Rose IN HOUSTON

5-10  minute creative consult with professional Designer Photographer Christi

creative & customizeable gift ideas with 5% off [c] shop voucher (VALID UNTIL 5/7/2018) 



by appointment

one person from $95

Two people, from $170

Dates available except, April 14, 17-23

More than two or a special request?  Pleas contact and lets chat details. All pricing subject to sales tax. Some studio or locations may have additional reservation fees.

How Do I Book?

fill out the form below & availability will be sent.  Include a short description along with a photograph/memorabilia that ties to a special memory or story.  Then we will select setting, colors and next steps.


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tell me about your special person, memory or memrobilia
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with a few details about the person I can provide 1-2 suggestions for products to be created